april 9, 2015: it’s almost a week since . . .

the last puppy (HINCKLEY) left to go to his new home. life here in blandford is quiet once again . . . but oh so empty without the babies. my room, which used to look like this: DSCF0415 now looks like this: DSCF0616 i think i like it better with the puppy pen loaded with puppies! darla & cooper made absolutely beautiful babies with the best dispositions. both of their litters made me laugh at least once a day and made the long cold winters go by really fast. ‘they’ say that when you love what you do, it is not work . .  . and the puppies definitely prove what ‘they’ say. darla & cooper’s 2015 (and 2013) blog is still getting updated. each of the puppies from this litter has his/her own page on the blog and as i get e-mails and pictures of them in their new homes, i will post them to the blog. as for me, i am enjoying the orderliness of my life right now and looking forward to the spring and the warm – BUT, i am also checking my ‘miss molly’ every day to be sure to catch when she goes into season – and then it starts all over again when i breed her to travis’ ‘george’ . . . YAY!!!!


april 3, 2015: FRIAR TUCK/HINCKLEY leaves to go to his new home

day 85:

sad day at blandford . . . the last of darla & cooper’s litter left for his new home.


today, maggie came to pick up HINCKLEY/FRIAR TUCK and bring him to his new home.

my brother, jim, said farewell to HINCKLEY/FRIAR TUCK before he left. he has grown so attached to this little guy during the past few days.


maggie put HINCKLEY/FRIAR TUCK in his ‘travel harness’ in the car . . .

the harness needed to be tightened . . . he was able to get over to her.


one last hug and then they were gone.

april 2, 2015: a tibetan temper tantrum

day 84:

HINCKELY/FRIAR TUCK didn’t mind the bath at all. he let me trim his nails with very little problem. i put him down on the floor and he turned into a tibetan terrorist. this is normal for young tibetan puppies. usually in the evening for about 1/2 hour that sweet, loving little puppy turns into a crazy, possessed dog – running around full speed and very mouthy. when he got a little too crazy, he got a ‘time out’ in the puppy pen . . . and promptly threw a temper tantrum. he was so not happy with me.


but then quiet returned and that sweet little boy was back with lots of kisses. aaaahhhh, tibetan puppies – have to make you laugh.

april 1, 2015: HINCKLEY/FRIAR TUCK playing in the kitchen

day 83:

HINCKLEY/FRIAR TUCK is such a good boy! he doesn’t mind being in the puppy pen all alone, even when he knows i am in another room. he sleeps through the night . . . which allows me to sleep through the night. he hasn’t quite got that he shouldn’t go poop when he is in the kitchen, but he is just so very cute . . . .


when first in the kitchen, HINCKLEY/FRIAR TUCK runs straight for gracie’s bed to get a toy . . .

first out is the elk antler.


when he gets tired of the elk antler, it is back for another toy . . .

this time it’s the regular bone.


my brother, jim, is back for another visit and more work on my house. HINCKLEY/FRIAR TUCK absolutely adores him . . .

he still thinks it’s okay to bite when playing, but quickly stops with a firm corrective sound and is easily distracted.

march 31, 2015: HINCKLEY/FRIAR TUCK on a quest

day 82:

taxes done and e-filed . . . YAY!!!  HINCKLEY/FRIAR TUCK did well in the puppy pen all by himself, of course, he has the use of the ‘litter box’ so it makes it easy for him. he came out again around dinner time and we played for a little while. for some reason, he was very interested in gracie’s crate that is leaning against the wall under the kitchen counter. tt’s are persistent!


march 30, 2015: aarrrggghhh – tax prep day . . . with lots of breaks!

day 81:

appointment with tax man tomorrow (i’ve already cancelled/re-scheduled twice) so glued to the computer . . . but taking lots of breaks and playing with HINCKLEY/FRIAR TUCK!


when in the kitchen he went right for gracie’s dog bed full of toys. first out was the elk antler . . .

then it was on to a stuffed bone with half the stuffing removed.



he played ‘soccer’ with the red plastic ball, chasing it around .  . .


finally getting it into a corner.


i put the spider sans stuffing up on the chair seat (the seat is 24″ high!!!!) to see what he would do . . .

duh, he got it! so hard to remember that 11-1/2 weeks ago he could fit in the palm of my hand.

and now back to tax prep – ugh, but with more breaks to come – yay!

march 29, 2015: quiet day here in blandford

day 80:

when mitch was here yesterday he took the 4 x 4 extension and the 3 x 3 back out to the barn and brought the bench back into my room. also was able once again to put my bed spread back on the bed which is now centered on the wall. HINCKLEY/FRIAR TUCK took all of the changes, including only having the puppy pen to play in, very well and even slept through the night! such a good boy. it’s rather nice having my room almost back to ‘normal’, but i think it looks so much better when it has 4 x 8′ of puppies running around.

HINCKLEY and i just hung out together in my kitchen today. but we did have some company. marcy and steve are thinking of getting a puppy from miss molly’s litter (molly hopefully will be bred within the next month) and they wanted to meet her. they got to say hello and play with HINCKLEY/FRIAR TUCK while here. . .

DSCF0541and he totally charmed them! marcy fell in love with HINCKLEY/FRIAR TUCK. after putting him back in the puppy pen and bringing miss molly upstairs to say hello, it was then time to for them to leave – steve went back into my room to say a special goodbye to HINCKLEY/FRIAR TUCK. that little boy is such a charmer!